We believe that by actively encouraging joy & kindness in your business, you'll create stronger teams, happier employees, and develop an infectious air that brings you more business. Let us show you how.


Foundation Built

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We start with the basics of looking at your team's dynamics. What's working? What's not? We build on the strengths, and introduce an infusion of joy and kindness, trust and collaboration, vulnerability and courage. We get laser focused on the good stuff people respond to, and makes them feel very genuinely valued, heard, and appreciated.


Stronger Teams

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When a team trusts one another, communicates well, and is encouraged to be themselves, something magic happens. The do better work. They start to act autonomously, confidently, and with greater ease. When people know they are being seen and heard, they share more ideas. The confidence builds room for more creativity and more innovation. Simply put, when teams operate from a place of joy and kindness, they're stronger and more effective.

Happier Clients

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And the result, the by product of starting from a place of joy and kindness? Your end product is stronger. Whatever your company builds or sells or consults on gets better because you have a team that truly enjoys what they do, and take pride in doing it. Intuitively, people and clients want to be around others who make them feel good, and when a group is operating at a level of joy, it's infectious. 


Hello! We are


Lara Heacock & Paula Jenkins

We believe that joy and kindness have a place and purpose in your business. 

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“With playfulness and encouragement, they helped me come home to my spirit, which is what led me to begin my business in the first place.”