Making Joy & Kindness your business

"What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny." - Robin S. Sharma

The truth about corporate culture is that it takes a mindful decision to craft and maintain a place where people feel valued, appreciated, and engaged. According the Harvard Business Review, companies who purposefully focus on inspiration, joy, and kindness as core values find that they have employees that are more productive, engaged, and satisfied with their work. And, cultivating an inspirational culture not only raises morale and brings in a higher caliber of employee, it positively impacts the bottom line and profitability of your business. 

Our consulting package provides you the keys to understand your current culture through an evaluation, provides you with an assessment that highlights opportunities for growth or improvement, and rounds out with a workshop or retreat to infuse your team with more joy and kindness.  We also offer ongoing executive coaching after our initial engagement to keep leaders engaged and focused on growing the positive aspects of your company's culture. 


Workplace Evaluation

The JK team will take the time to meet with your team or employees and get to the heart of how the team is operating. We’ll assess what’s working, what could use improvement, and get candid use-able feedback from people. We take your expertise into account, and, if requested do a full 360 evaluation, taking into account the values and mission statement for your business.


Opportunities Assessment

Once we’ve met with your team, we get to work to do an assessment of what’s going on, for good and not so good, with the team dynamic. We meet with you to review, giving you the high level of where the opportunities for improvement lie. You’ll get a report and a meeting with Paula and Lara to walk through it all.


Team Workshop or Retreat

With your review and input, we then get to crafting a two day event to get the team focused and working on addressing whatever has come up. We put joy and kindness at the heart of the approach. We develop custom plans for each client, with communication, fun, improv, and team building at the center. You and your company and your strengths become our focus, and Lara and Paula provide the creativity, coaching, and coordination for the event itself.

Joy & Kindness is a firm focused on well, joy and kindness. We want our interactions with you, and our time with you and your team to build a foundation that:

  • Puts a person’s abilities, worth, and potential at the center of everything we do

  • Encourages people to choose joy and kindness in their every interaction

  • Builds up accountability

  • Recognizes the individual within the larger team and approaches each person from a strengths perspective, not weaknesses

  • Accepts that individuals are hired for their positions because they are the right person for the job

  • Places value in team members focusing on their role, or, in focusing on what they can control, not on what others do or can control

  • Challenges the Butts in Seat = productivity mentality

  • Looks at communications and teams from an ecosystem perspective: what one person does has an effect on others, and on the end product of a team

  • Looks at productivity, not from a legacy model

  • Uses data as a foundation, but more importantly humanize it

  • Lifts up the person, the team, the company, and others

  • Recognizes that trust is a decision

We believe that putting these tenets into practice is good for us, for you, for business, and for the world. We would very much like to partner with you to bring more joy and kindness into your team, and we look forward to hearing from you.