Two professional coaches focused on bringing more Joy & Kindness to the corporate world


Paula Jenkins, MAR, CLCC

Paula Jenkins is a project coach and consultant, having worked in marketing and web production for the last 20 years working at high profile ad agencies such as DDB, AKQA, Havas, and Comrade as lead on the Visa, Clorox, Armorall, Genentech and FiServ accounts. As the host of the popular “Jump Start Your Joy” podcast, she encourages teams and people to find joy in their work and business.

Dubbed “The Excuse Buster,” she layers accountability and ownership with project management, encouraging people to buy into their own roles, instead of assigning deadlines and deliverables to people. She strongly believes that communication and interpersonal skills build strong relationships, businesses, and working environments.

A self proclaimed “process nerd,” Paula delights in finding the patterns in activities and workflow, interviewing people to establish the known inefficiencies, and working with a team to create new policies. She has also been a retreat leader for over 12 years, crafting inspirational and recentering events that help people mindfully choose joy over busy-ness and overwhelm. She shares her joy-filled mindset at

Fun facts: holds a Master Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School, has performed Improv in San Francisco California, leads a podcasting bootcamp yearly with an 86% success rate

Past amazing achievements include: leading a team to publish the first online video ever during the Olympics in the Sydney games in 2000, converting a banking core in 3 months, launching her own podcast and having it land in the New & Noteworthy category


Lara Heacock, MBA, CLCC

Lara Heacock is a Leadership Coach who brings over 20 years’ experience in Corporate America. She runs popular personal development blog, and works with professionals and companies to help them use kindness to end the epidemic of burnout in America. 

Lara's background includes working in companies ranging from small privately-held firms to multi-national organizations. In over a decade of leadership, she managed geographically dispersed teams, and mentored and coached associates in the US and abroad.

Lara has an MBA, is a certified coach, award-winning writer, in-demand speaker, and author of the book Practical Kindness.
Lara is obsessed with how we change the culture of corporate America from one promotes "busy-ness" and burnout as status symbols to one that’s rooted in kindness. Using her KIND method, Lara works with leaders to avoid their own burnout, so that they can create teams (and lives!) that thrive. You can download the KIND methodology at and get daily doses of kindness at 

Fun facts: Lara’s early career was in IT (at one point she could actually program a router) and she travelled to the Philippines to mentor & develop a new group of recruiters for ADP.

Past amazing achievements include: publishing her book Practical Kindness and being awarded the Best Feature Article award in a national publication in 2015, for her piece on Impostor Complex.